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KNVB 50 years women's football

This year marks 50 years since women's football in The Netherlands, after it was banned for a long time. In this video we honor every woman who ever scored, made a sliding tackle, or played football at all and celebrate women's football. To many more years to come, because we have only just begun.


Agency and production: WEFILM

Director: Masha Osipova

DOP: Christiaan van Leeuwen

Music: AMP Amsterdam

Edit: Alex Pieterse

Grading: Dennis Lubbers

Hi-Tec 'Comfortable Anywhere' campaign (BRAND FILM)

Hi-tec believes that when you're comfortable, you're more yourself. Connecting with what's around you, getting in touch with your natural rhythm, and making the most of the amazing world outside your door. No matter wher eyou are, whether out in the nature or exploring the city.

Agency: Khanna\Reidinga

Production: Operator

Director: Masha Osipova

DP: Kenji Katori

The Lung Foundation (TVC)

Havas Lemz developed a campaign for tv, online media and interactive billboards. All air quality checks were used to get the support of politicians for a National Air Plan. In the first month ofter release of campaign over 500.000 people used the app to check the air quality in their neighborhood in the Netherlands. 

Agency: Havas Lemz

Production: NewAms

Director: Masha Osipova

DP: Myrthe Mosterman

Composer: Jesse Koolhaas



In this award-winning documentary I tell the story of a traumatic experience from my childhood; I stayed several times in a children's sanatorium while growing up in Soviet Russia. Those institutions still function nowadays. There, children undergo all kinds of obscure health treatments. In the film Sanatorium I went back to this world and confronted her parents with the question why I was sent there.


Broadcasting/Production: VPRO

Director: Masha Osipova

DP: Sergey Amirdzhanov

Editor: Menno Otten

Composer: Jesse Koolhaas

Micca Mont - El camino (MUSIC VIDEO)


When I was living in Mexico a musician friend approached me to direct a music video for her track.

So with a few friends and the equipment we had by hand we jumped in a car, traveled to the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and shot this MV. Here is a short trailer.


We followed Amway Business Owner Angelika for a day to see how she combines being a mom and her business.



This is a mini docu (from a series I've shot) about how people bring nature back into the cities. Here I followed street artist Bordalo II, who is from Portugal, who has produced beautiful art all over the world. I filmed and directed this video.

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